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Americans had their identities stolen in 2019, identity Fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States today.

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Mitigate credit card and identity fraud by upgrading your business verification methods to the next level

An increase in security equates to an increase in trust. Adding Spektrum to your risk assessment protocol will fortify your company's integrity while ensuring the peace-of-mind your buisness deserves. Spektrum's advanced machine learning models are capable of detecting common forged identity cards adding an extra layer of security; granting you a smarter way in verification all while using the power of A.I. to detect possible risks exposing the fakes.


The validity of your customers documents

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(KYC) procedures are a critical function to assess customer risk

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Greatly Reduce and or eliminate manual review process

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Detection of common deep fake's and forged documents

Our solutions move beyond the normal to identify fake and doctored documents making sure no defaulter goes unnoticed

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Risk Identification and assessment linked with consumer-based transactions

We combine a blend of digital forensics and machine learning in order to identify fraudulent documents and transactions with ease.

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Our machine learning models come with 5+ year licensing options for either resale or commercial use.

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