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Getting Started

Our API Example is built using python, flask and TensorFlow 1x

The App Test Definitions

Print Test

The print test adds an extra layer of security when assessing consumer's verification data. This test's role is to ensure that customers don't exploit forged identification cards that look just like physical identifications used in passing onboarding and verification requests. The A.I used in this technology validates the identification cards and screens the documents to check if they are colored copies printed on paper.

DeepFake Test

Detects fraudulent documents, Most common deep fakes are sourced from the same or similar templates that are passed around and gets sold and resold online. The DeepFake test was designed to be an intelligent and spot-on way of detecting fraudulent documents..

Error Test

Error Test checks submitted data against the approved industry protocols. The screening here helps businesses to check if the submitted data are invalid or don't fulfill the required minimums to provide accurate results.

ID Test

This test checks consumer data against specified thresholds. It helps determine that the submitted data is within the required limit to be approved as a valid identification card in all the 50 states.

Upload Image

This api end point takes an image. Its a POST end point. It takes image data uploads it to the server and performs the ID, DeepFake, Error and Paper test and generates integrated output.

Secret Key

In order to communicate with API you must provide secret 'key' when calling API.


Sample Call

r = requests.post(​ ''​ , ​ files​ ={​ 'file'​ : ​ open​ (image_path, ​ 'rb'​ )})

curl --location --request POST '!jmN]LWX/,?RT' \ --form '[email protected]/IMG122.jpg'

Sample Response

{"Data":{"DEEP FAKE":"HIGH RISK","ERROR":"PASS","ID":"FAIL","PRINT":"PASS"},"Message":"Success","status":true}

Test Parameters

DeepFake HighRisk

The technology will mark submitted data as DeepFake HighRisk if the data has higher odds of being fraudulent. This would then make it easy for businesses to take the necessary containment measures like disposing of them or blocking associated IPs.

DeepFake LowRisk

Low Risk is acceptable, but businesses could still perform further scrutiny on the data.

DeepFake MediumRisk

Medium Risk would be considered acceptable, but businesses could still perform further scrutiny on the data. The technology will mark data that have low to medium range risks of being fraudulent as DeepFake MediumRisk.

I.D. Pass

Usually, the older generation identification cards will output "PASS". I.D. Pass indicates that the data submitted has met the minimum to medium requirements for approval.

I.D. Fail

ID Fail report by Spektrum A.I indicates that provided data was either of poor quality or wasn't an identity card. The technology may also output I.D. Fail if the submitted data doesn't meet the required minimums for approval.

I.D. Verified

Only the new generation identification cards will output "VERIFIED". This output is only possible if the submitted data has met the highest available verification score.

Print Test Pass

The submitted data is genuine. It is neither a photoshopped document that has been printed nor a modified template.

Error Test Pass

The submitted data is tolerable for a test.

Error Test Fail

The submitted image could be within very low-quality ranges. The output may also mean that the submitted image was a piece of document or something that couldn't be detected to be a government-issued identity card.


JavaScript - jQuery

JavaScript - Fetch

Java - OkHttp

NodeJs - Axios

NodeJs - Native

NodeJs - Request

NodeJs - Unirest


PHP - HTTP_Request2

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